District Admits Pushing Struggling Students Toward Charters

An August 14, 2017 Voice of San Diego article reports that school districts such as San Diego Unified admittedly are pushing struggling, failing, and under-performing students to enroll in public charter schools. The article goes on to suggest that many school districts are engaged in the same practice. This “student dumping” results in the district’s academic achievement and graduation rates looking much better.

In the face of blatant hypocrisy by the status quo education system by funneling millions of dollars into a coordinated, sinister negative propaganda campaign to demonize public charter schools, while at the same time sending struggling students to public charter schools because these charter schools can better serve the needs of these students, we in the public charter school movement welcome all of these students with open arms and are thrilled to help guide them to the successful life that they so rightly deserve.

To view this article, visit the Voice of San Diego.

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